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List of Recruitments
SL Description Date
841. Recruitment of Telephone Mechanic  PDF  21/04/2010
Last Date:31/05/2010
842. Cancellation of examination fot Telephone Mechanic  HTML 21/01/2010
Last Date:21/02/2010
843. Result of Limited Competitive Exam and Suitability Test UPHJS 2009  ODT PDF HTML 18/01/2010
Last Date:18/02/2010
844. Final result of DHJS-2009  ODT PDF DOC HTML 12/01/2010
Last Date:12/02/2010
845. Result of Personal Assistant Examination 2008  ODT PDF  12/01/2010
Last Date:31/01/2010
846. Posting of Law Clerks  ODT PDF HTML 24/12/2009
Last Date:24/01/2010
847. Recommendation for the appointment of the SJM_SMM  ODT PDF HTML 18/12/2009
Last Date:18/01/2010
848. Result of Law Clerk (Trainee) for the year 2009-10  ODT PDF DOC HTML 16/12/2009
Last Date:16/01/2010
849. Promotion List of Civil Judge(Jr.Div.) to Civil Judge(Sr.Div.)  ODT PDF DOC HTML 08/12/2009
Last Date:31/12/2009
850. Result of Main written examination of UPDHJS-09  ODT PDF DOC HTML 04/12/2009
Last Date:24/12/2009
851. P.A.-2008 : Computer Proficiency Test  ODT PDF DOC HTML 27/11/2009
Last Date:04/12/2009
852. Result of successful candidates in written Personal Assistant examination 2008  ODT PDF HTML 09/11/2009
Last Date:04/12/2009
853. Revised List for Suitability Test for promotion in ADJ_Fast Track Court  ODT PDF DOC HTML 04/11/2009
Last Date:30/11/2009
854. Suitability Test for promotion in ADJ_Fast Track Court  ODT PDF DOC HTML 21/10/2009
Last Date:30/10/2009
855. Revised list of eligible officers for suitability test  ODT PDF DOC HTML 15/10/2009
Last Date:30/11/2009
856. List of eligible officers of Civil Judge Jr.Div. for promotion  ODT PDF DOC HTML 14/10/2009
Last Date:14/11/2009
857. Law Clerks (Trainee) Interview, 2009 for Lucknow Bench  ODT PDF DOC  17/09/2009
Last Date:17/09/2009
858. List of eligible officers for Limited Competitive Examination 2009  ODT PDF DOC HTML 31/07/2009
Last Date:31/08/2009
859. Recruitment for the post of Assistant Review Officer  HTML 29/07/2009
Last Date:30/09/2009
860. List of allowed and rejected candidates for PA-2008 Exam  ODT PDF DOC HTML 15/07/2009
Last Date:09/08/2009
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