DATED: ALLAHABAD:January 25, 2012




Sri Hemendra Kumar Singh, Additional Civil Judge, Junior Division, Pilibhit is appointed U/s 11(2) of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 (Act No. 2 of 1974) as Judicial Magistrate, First Class, Sri Mohd. Nasim.




Sri Mohd. Nasim, Judicial Magistrate, First Class, Plilbhit to be Civil Judge, Junior Division, Bisalpur (Pilibhit) in the created court by way of shifting from district headquarter Pilibhit in pursuance of Government Notification No. C.M.90/VII-Nyaya-2-06-202(47)/76(A) Dated 11.07.2006.




No. 51 /D R(S)/2010 Dated: Allahabad :January 25, 2012

Copy forwarded for information & necessary action to:-

  1. The Executive Chairman, U.P. State Legal Services Authority, Third Floor, Jawahar Bhawan Annexe, Lucknow-226001.

  2. Pramukh Sachiv, Niyukti, U.P. Shasan, Lucknow.

  3. Pramukh Sachiv, Nyay Evam Vidhiparamarshi, Uttar Pradesh Shasan, Lucknow.

  4. The Director, Institute of Judicial Training & Research, Vineet Khand, Gomti Nagar, U.P. Lucknow. (Information available on E-mail).

  5. The Registrar, High Court, Lucknow Bench, Lucknow . (Information available on E-mail)..

  6. The Additional Director, Treasury, Camp Office, First Floor, New Treasury Building, Kutchery Road, Allahabad.

  7. The District & Sessions Judge, Pilibhit (Information available on E-mail).

    The officers mentioned above shall handover charge of their present posts and shall proceed to take over charge of their new postings day before inauguration of new outlying court.

        The Certificates of handing and taking over charge may please be sent to the Assistant Registrar (Services), High Court, Allahabad forthwith.

        It is further to add that junior most court of Additional Civil Judge, Junior Division shall stand from district headquarter Pilibhit to Bisalpur(Pilibhit)from the date the presiding officer takes over charge there.

        It is further to add that the transfer of Class III & Class IV employees shall be made in accordance with the directions mentioned the Court’s Circular Letter No.54-Ve-4/Admin D dated 30.05.94 and Circular LetterNo.64-Ve-4/Admin D dated July27,1994.

        It is to add that local arrangement shall be made by you in pursuance to the circular letter No.27/D.R.(S)/2000 dated 21.6.2000.

  8. Sri Mohd Nasaim, Judicial Magistrate, First Class, Pilibhit.

        The officer mentioned above shall handover charge of his present post and shall proceed to take over charge of his new posting day before inauguration of new outlying court.

  9. The District Magistrate, Pilibhit.

  10. The Treasury Officer, Pilibhit.

  11. Mahalekhakar(Lekha Evam Hakdari-2), U.P.,Allahabad.

  12. The Publication Secretary, U.P. Judicial Services Association Office, A- 1, River Bank Judges Colony, Lucknow.

  13. The Registrar (Confidential), High Court, Allahabad.

  14. The Officer on Special Duty (Computer)/ In charge Computer Centre, High Court, Allahabad

  15. The Joint Registrar (Budget), High Court, Allahabad.

  16. The Joint Registrar(Inspection),High Court, Allahabad.

  17. The Joint Registrar(Misc.),High Court, Allahabad.

  18. The Deputy Registrar(G.),High Court,Allahabad with the request to take necessary steps regarding Class-III & Class-IV employees..

  19. The Section Officer (Admin.A-3) Section, High Court, Allahabad.

  20. The Section Officer (Admin.H) Section, High Court, Allahabad.

  21. The Section Officer (Admin. C) Section, High Court, Allahabad

  22. The Director, Printing & Stationary, U.P. Allahabad for publication of the notification in the next issue of the Gazette.

  23. P.S. to Hon’ble Administrative Judge, Pilibhit (Information available on E-mail).

                                                            BY ORDER OF THE COURT.