By Mr. M. C. Setalvad,

Ex-Attorney-General of India and President of the Supreme Court Bar Assoc. and of the Bar Assoc. of India

Delivered on November 25,1966, on the Occasion of the Inaugural Ceremony

Chief Justice of India, Judges of the High Court, Members of the Bars Ladies and Gentlemen-

I deem it a great privilege to participate in this Centenary, the completion of a long period of distinguished work by this great institution, the High Court of Allahabad. My privilege is the greater; because I have not infrequently appeared before this High Court and assisted in the administration of justice. I remember having participated in the Centenary Celebrations of Calcutta, Bombay and Madras High Courts. But, though a little more recent in its years, this High Court is a mighty High Court with 39 Judges and the High Court of the most populous and largest State in the Indian Union. We all, therefore, feel great satisfaction at this institution having performed its useful purpose over a long period of time. But a thought strikes me that, after the Centenaries of these four High Courts having distinguished period of service to the administration of justice, the periods on which all these High Courts are now entering are going to be more difficult periods which demand the best efforts of both the legal profession and the Judges in the maintenance of the rule of law. It is obvious that till before the Centenary Celebrations, times were more or less steady. However, times have since altered and we are launched on a big enterprise which requires executive measures on a large scale and therefore which also requires judicial thought and judicial control in a much greater measure. It is in this new enterprise in the new century, on which the High Court is now entering, that the greatest co-operation is called for between the Judges to administer justice and members of the Bar to co-operate in the administration of justice. May I, at the end, bring to this High Court and to all here the greetings of the Bar of India, which, I am sure, voices its great satisfaction at the Centenary Celebrations of this great institution.

Thank you.