Hon'ble the Chief Justice by order dated 07.07.2009, has been pleased to reconstitute a Cell Headed by Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.P.Singh consisting of some officers and officials so as to attend the retired Hon'ble Judges for their personal work of the nature indicated below:-

1- Medical attendance and bringing of medicines from the hospitals.

2- Reservation in the Railway and other mode of travel.

3- Payment of Telephone bills.

4- Payment of Electricity bills.

5- Payment of House and Water tax.

6- Work in Bank and Treasury.

7- Other miscellaneous urgent work.

8- Providing Motor Vehicle for the retired Hon'ble Judges, his spouse dependent family members to and from Railway station on payment.

9- Providing assistance to the retired Hon'ble Judge in respect of his pension, rate of D.A. Etc. by way of information.

10- Providing assistance regarding books from the Library (only reference books).

11- Assistance in reservations in P.W.D., Inspection Bungalows or Guest Houses on payment basis.

12- Assistance for renewal of MV Registration, Driving License, Arms License etc.

13- Arrangement for vehicle to take the Hon'ble Judge or his wife to hospital for attention by physicians etc. on payment of charges.

The services of the Cell may, therefore, be utilized as and when needed.

The names of officers and officials of the Cell together with their addresses and Telephone/Mobile numbers are given below:-


Shri Ajit Singh,


High Court, Allahabad.




Shri Shantanand,

Asstt. Registrar (Staff Car),

High Court, Allahabad.

757-A, Malviya Nagar, Allahabad.




Shri Uma Shankar Shukla,

Asstt. Court Officer (R.O.)

High Court, Allahabad.



Shri B.K. Bhattacharya,

Asstt. Court Officer,

High Court, Allahabad.


Shri Raj Kishore Sahini,

Court Jamadar,

High Court, Allahabad.

Mob.-9305753296 (Private)


Shri Sunil Kumar Pandey,

Railway Peon,

High Court, Allahabad.

Mob.-9307057176 (Private)


Shri Vimal Kumar, Peon (Medicine),

High Court, Allahabad.

Registrar General