No. C-143-Cf(A)/2008/Selection & Appointment: 17.01.2008

Subject: Recruitment by promotion of the judicial officers to the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service under Rule 5(a) read with Rule 20 of the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Rules, 1975

Rule 5 of the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Rules, 1975 dealing with source of recruitment and Rule 20 dealing with recruitment by promotion of the members of Nyayik Sewa are, for convenience, extracted below:

5. Source of recruitment.—The recruitment to the Service shall be made-

(a) by promotion from amongst the Civil Judges (Senior Division) on the basis of Principle of merit-cum-seniority and passing a suitability test.

(b) by promotion strictly on the basis of merit through limited competitive examination of Civil Judges (Senior Division) having not less than five years qualifying service;

(c) by direct recruitment from amongst the Advocates of not less than seven years standing on the first day of January next following the year in which the notice inviting applications is published.

20. Promotion of members of Nyayik Sewa as referred to in Rule 5(a).

(1) Recruitment by promotion of the members of the Nyayik Sewa shall be made by selection on the principle of merit-cum-seniority and on passing such a suitability test, as prescribed in Appendix G(i).

  1. The field of eligibility for recruitment by promotion shall be confined to four times the number of vacancies to be filled by promotion. The Selection Committee shall prepare a list in order of seniority of the officers eligible under Rule 5(a) of these rules.

  1. The Selection Committee shall, after examining the record of the officers including in the list prepared under sub-rule (2) of this rule make a preliminary selection of the officers who in its opinion are fit to be appointed on the basis of seniority-cum-merit. In assessing the merits of a candidate, the Selection Committee have due regard to his service record, ability, character and seniority. The list shall contain the name of officers twice the number of vacancies required to be filled by promotion of the members of the Nyayik Sewa.

(4) The Selection Committee shall forward the list of the candidates chosen at the preliminary selection to the Chief Justice along with the names of the officers who, if any, in the opinion of the Committee have been passed over for promotion to the service.

(5) The Court shall examine the recommendations of the Selection Committee and make a final selection for promotion and prepare a list in order of seniority of the candidates who are considered fit for promotion and forward the same to the Governor. The list shall remain operative only till the next recruitment.

The appendix G(1) referred to in Rule 20 above, which prescribes for the subjects for the suitability test as well the methodology of thee suitability test is for convenience is quoted as under:

Appendix G (1)


Syllabus prescribed for the suitability test for promotion from amongst the Civil Judges (Senior Division) under Rule-5(a)

  1. The subjects for the aforementioned test will include: -

    1. The Law of contracts, the Law of Partnership, the Law concerning easements and torts, the Law relating to transfer of property including the principles of equity specifically applicable thereto, the principles of equity with special reference to the law of trust and specific relief, Hindu Law and Mohammedan Law and Constitutional Law.

    1. The Law of evidence, the Criminal Procedure Code and Code of Civil Procedure, including the principles of pleading. The questions set will relate mainly to practical matters such as the framing of charges and issues, the methods of dealing with the evidence of witnesses, the writing of judgment of session trials, appeals, revision and the conduct of cases generally but will not be restricted to them.

    1. Indian Penal Code, the Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act 1951, Uttar Pradesh Urban Buildings (Regulation of Letting, Rent and Eviction) Act, 1972, U.P. Municipalities Act, U.P. Panchayat Raj Act, U.P. Consolidation of Holding Act, U.P. Urban (Planning and Development Act, 1973 together with rules framed under the aforesaid Acts.

(B) (a) The suitability test for adjudging the level of the legal knowledge of the candidate and his awareness of the relevant cases law on the subjects, indicated here-in above, will consist of two parts:-

All candidates will have to appear in a written test carrying a maximum of 100 marks, which will be a test of objective type requiring answering of 50 questions of 2 marks each in one hour duration.

(i) The other part of the suitability test will be for the assessment of the candidate for his continued efficiency, which will be adjudged on the basis of his service record of preceding 10 years from the year of the suitability test. This part of the test will also carry a maximum of 100 marks which will be allotted on the basis of the grading of the officer reflected in the Court’s annual confidential remarks recorded in the character roll providing however for the deduction of the marks for adverse entry as indicate below: -

Grading Marks to be allotted

Outstanding 10

Very good 08

Good 06

Average 04

Poor 00

Adverse entry Minus 2 marks for each year

(C) The marks secured by the candidate in both parts of the suitability test for being eligible for promotion will not be less than 50% in aggregate i.e.100 marks.

The Hon’ble Full Court in its meeting dated 18.5.1985 was pleased to prescribe that:

No officer of the Nyayik Sewa shall be appointed to any post in any capacity in the Higher Judicial Service unless he has held the post of Civil Judge (now Civil Judge [Senior Division]) /Chief Judicial Magistrate at least for three years and his work and conduct has been satisfactory in all respects.

The Hon’ble Court in exercise of its powers under the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Rules, 1975 and other enabling provisions in that behalf has determined 170 vacancies in all for recruitment by promotion under Rule 5(a) read with Rule 20 of the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Rules,1975.

In view of the provisions in the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Rules, 1975 read with resolution aforequoted the following officers fall in the zone of consideration for recruitment by promotion on the basis of Principle of merit-cum-seniority and passing a suitability test:

Sl. No.

Name of the officer



Pratap Singh-II

Ashok Kumar Awasthi

Jai Prakash Singh-I

Sanjeev Shiromani

Dulare Lal

Ashok Kumar Nigam

Rakesh Kumar Upadhyay

Ram Kailash

Jai Mangal Sharma

Gopal Kulshrestha

Anil Kumar

Ram Krishna Upadhyay

Ashwani Kumar Singh

Chaitanya Kumar Kulshrestha

Shiv Kumar Singh-II

Mahesh Prasad Srivastava

Smt. Kalpana Misra

Smt. Saroj Yadav

Satish Chandra Sharma

Yogendra Singh-II

Smt. Prem Kala Singh

Pradeep Kumar Consul

Nand Lal

Madhu Sudan Wadhwa

Suprendra Pal Goel

Mohd. Zaheer Uddin

Shiva Prasad

Smt. Kamini Pathak

Raj Kumar Tewari

Rajiv Goel

Anil Kumar Pundir

Arvind Kumar Jain

Ram Preeti Dwivedi

Pawan Kumar Chaurasia

Raghvendra Prasad

Naseer Ahmad-II

Vinod Kumar Singh Rathore

Syed Sarwat Mahmood

Devendra Kumar Garg

Rama Kant Misra

Mohd. Aslam

Prem Kumar Singh

Krishna Kant Pandey

Anil Kumar Gupta

Piyush Chandra Srivastava

Deepak Raj

Shashi Mauli Tiwari

Ghan Shyam Pathak

Niraj Kumar Sangal

Anil Kumar Ojha

Upendra Kumar

Hemant Kumar

Girjesh Kumar Pandey

Santosh Kumar Vishwakarma

Jai Krishna Tiwari

Mukesh Prakash

Lokendra Kumar Rathi

Alok Saxena

Rajendra Kumar-III

Hari Singh-III

Amerika Singh

Smt. Sadhna Rani (Thakur)

Chandra Mauli Shukla

Rajendra Chand

Dina Nath Prasad

Brahma Din Verma

Hari Har Prasad Yadav

Damodar Singh

Abdul Qadir

Narendra Deo Misra

Kamal Chaudhary

Subedar Yadav


Suresh Singh Yadav

Ashok Kumar Bhardwaj

Ahibaran Singh

Kamla Singh Yadav

Jai Pal Singh-III

Shiv Pal Singh

Sangam Lal

Brajendra Singh-III

Jang Bahadur Singh-III

Biplava Kumar

Vinod Kumar-II

Mahendra Singh-II

Satendra Singh

Pitam Singh

Bikanoo Ram

Ashok Kumar Verma

Chandra Pal

Ram Adhar Ram

Bharat Pandey

Om Prakash Tripathi

Naveen Srivastava

Babu Lal Kesarwani

Ram Krishna Shukla

Umesh Chandra Sharma

Syed Aftab Husain Rizvi

Sohan Lal Srivastava

Shyam Shanker

Dinesh Kumar Sharma-II

Shamsher Chandra

Faridul Haque

Sudhir Kumar-II

Arvind Kumar Singh

Mohammad Husain

Lal Bahadur-II

Surya Kumar Singh

Nag Narain Rai

Vinod Kumar Srivastava-IV


Ajai Tyagi

Vinay Srivastava

Prashant Kumar Charavarty

Sudeep Kumar Banerjee

Syed Waiz Mian

Harish Kumar

Vijay Kumar Agarwal

Ashok Kumar Misra

Akhilesh Kumar Tiwari

Satya Prakash Naik

Pradeep Kumar Dubey

Bani Singh Nirala

Dinesh Kumar Singh-II

Krishna Kumar –IV

Ajai Kumar Srivastava-I

Syed Fariduddin Ashraf

Chandra Bhushan Singh

Tej Bahadur Singh

Ganesh Mohan Sharma

Surendra Pal Singh

Arun Kumar Misra

Santosh Kumar Pandey

Brijesh Kumar Pandey.

Neeraj Nigam

Allah Rakhai

Vidhya Shankar Patel

Govind Ballabh (Sharma)

Yogesh Chandra Tripathi

Mahipat Singh Verma

Krishna Kumar Asthana

Praveen Kumar





Suba Singh

Smt. Jai Shree Ahuja

Pramod Kumar Singh

Pramod Kumar-I

Smt. Renu Agarwal

Mukteshwar Prasad-II

Amar Nath Singh

Prem Mohan Singh

Vishesh Sharma

Mangal Prasad

Ram Nath Dinkar

Udai Singh

Chandra Bhan-III

Ram Adhar

Ram Sahay

Daya Ram Singh-II

Pankaj Gaur

Sarvesh Kumar

Shanti Prakash Arvind

Avnish Kumar Dwivedi

Vijendra Kumar

Charan Singh

Rama Nand

Vinay Kumar

Rama Pati Maurya

Roop Chandra Ram

Ram Prakash-II

Daya Ram-IV

Ganga Ram

Ajay Krishna Vishvesha

Ashok Kumar Singh-III

Dr. Rama Shanker Tripathi

Vinay Kumar Mishra

Shri Kant Verma

Ramesh Gupta

Surendra Kumar Yadav

Kaushalendra Kumar Sinha

Gauri Shanker Gupta

Rajiv Sharma

Lal Chandra-II

Purnendu Kuamr Srivastava

Smt. Neerja Singh

Buddhi Ram


Arvind Kumar Pandey

Smt. Alka Srivastava

Vidya Prakash Pathak

Mohd. Azahar Husain Idrisi

Ravindra Nath Yadav

Ram Babu Sharma

Ram Manohar Narayan Mishra

Shri Nath Singh

Sushil Kumar-II

Mushir Ahmad Abbasi

Khalil Ahmad

Dinesh Chandra Singh

Om Prakash Mishra-II

Mahtab Ahmad

Ram Chandra-IV

Israr Ahmad

Arun Chandra Srivastava

Surendra Kumar Singh

Rajendra Prasad Gupta

Vinod Kumar Singh-III

Uma Shanker Sharma

Ram Jeet Singh Yadav

Mahmood Ahmad Khan

Harish Kumar Yadav

Peeyush Sharma

Sanjay Kuamr Dey

Devi Shanker Prasad Srivastava

Pramod Kumar Sharma

Aejaz Ahmad Ansari

Neel Kuntha Sahay

Amar Jeet Tripathi

Smt. Poonam Sikand

Mohd. Rais Siddiqui

Rohitash Singh Gangwar

Smt. Jyotsana Sharma

Tanvir Ahmad

Sanjay Khare

Amitabh Sahai

Parmanand Shukla

Shaileshwar Nath Singh

Mahfooz Ali

Rajesh Singh

Nishesh Kumar

Suresh Chandra Rana

Mayank Kumar Jain

Alok Kumar Trivedi

Mohd. Ali

Manvendra Singh

Vinod Kumar-III

Onkar Singh Yadav

Raj Bhan Singh

Suresh Chandra Mishra

Ram Raj

Shiv Shanker Prasad

Mukesh Mishra

Ramesh Chandra-V

Sant Ram

Badam Singh

Vijendra Singh

Satish Kumar-II

Shiv Karan


Prem Nath

Gajendra Kumar

Gyan Prakash-II

Anil Kumar Upadhyay

Surendra Singh

Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh-IV

Sarvesh Chandra Pandey

Brij Mohan Gupta-II

Madan Lal Nigam

Surendra Prasad (Mishra)

Dharam Raj Mishra

Anoop Kumar Goel

Manohar Lal

Pradeep Kumar Gupta

Nalin Kuamr Srivastava

Jitendra Kumar

Vivek Kumar Dubey

Yashwant Kumar Mishra

Ram Pal Singh-II

Pramod Kumar Srivastava-II

Abrar Ahmad

Ram Narain Maurya

Rang Narain Pandey

Gyan Prakash Tewari

Jai Prakash Singh-II

Jai Shankar Mishra

Adarsh Kumar Singh Kanaujia

Mridulesh Kumar Singh

Shiv Mani Shukla

Shiv Kumar

Gulab Singh-I

Sanjay Shanker Pandey

Vinay Khare

Kaushalendra Yadav

Narendra Bahadur Yadav

Suresh Chandra-IV

Ashok Kumar-VI

Smt. Mridula Kumar

Mahanth Lal

Kishor Kumar-II

Shashi Kant Upadhyay

Mahendra Kumar Arya

Sanjiv Kumar

Karan Singh Yuvraj

Bijendra Kumar Shailat

Lal Mani

Dr. Rajiv Vikram Singh Gautam

Sgt. Ram Murti Yadav

Sudhir Kumar-III

Chandra Pal Singh

Indra Bhushan Goel

Sushil Kumar Rastogi

Deepak Swaroop Saxena

Ashok Kumar Yadav-I

Ram Baran Saroj

Smt. Sangeeta Srivastava

Girish Kumar Vaish

Avinash Chandra Tripathi

Chandrika Prasad Srivastava

Brijendra Mani Tripathi

Smt. Deepa jain

Rakesh Kumar-III

Satya Ram Yadav

Om Prakash

Vikash Saxena-I

Rakesh Kumar-IV

Shakeel Ahmad Khan

Jyoti Kumar Tripathi

Umesh Chandra

Veer Nayak Singh

Santosh Kumar Srivastava

Jitendra Kumar Pandey

Vikash Saxena-II

Ajai Kumar Srivastava-II

Navneet Kumar

Mohd. Mateen Khan

Umesh Kumar Singh

Aftab Alam Khan

Sita Ram Verma

Mohd. Riyaz

Lal Chandra Gupta

Ram Karan

Ram Sagar

Km. Kumudni verma

Kali Charan-II

Harkesh Kumar

Shobhi Lal

Lalta Prasad-II

Munshi Lal Azad

Gajendra Singh-II

Shree Bhagwan Singh

Avinash Saksena

Jitendra Kumar Singh

Irfan Qamar

Smt. Vani Ranjan Agarwal

Surendra Singh

Piyush Verma

Lallu Singh

Shyam Jeet Yadav

Jai Prakash Singh-III

Ram Milan Singh

Rama Kant Seth

Ashok Kumar-VII

Ravindra Kumar-I

Harish Tripathi

Pankaj Kumar Upadhyay

Satya Prakash Tripathi

Alok Kumar Parasar

Ravindra Vikram Singh

Indra Kumar Pandey

Amit Pal Singh

Praveen Kumar Jain

Narendra Kumar

Raj Singh Verma

Ayaz Ahmad

Praveen Kumar Singh

Brijesh Kumar Mishra

Shyam Narayan Tripathi

Hari Nath Pandey

Shiv Dan Yadav

Mahendra Prasad Chaudhary

Abdul Mobeen

Ramesh Singh

Smt. Anita Raj

Shanker Lal

Vinod Kumar-IV

Ashokeshwar Kumar Ravi

Bhairav Lal

Ram Kripal

Ram Kumar-II

Ram Chandra-V

Dr. (Smt.) Vidushi Singh

Ashok Kumar Premi

Markandey Rai

Nalin Kant Tyagi

Shamsher Khan



Syed Hasan (Provisionally)

Shree Narain Upadhyay(Provisionally)

Satish Kumar Kain

Suresh Chandra Savita

Chandra Shekhar Prasad

Virendra Chaubey

Bans Raj

Rajendra Ram

Prakash Chandra Dwivedi

Arvind Kumar-I

Brij Bhushan Yadav

Sita Ram Nigam

Dharmendra Pratap Narain Singh

Sardar Singh Chauhan

Ram Naresh Maurya

Brij Lal


Adil Aftab Ahmad

Krishna Pal Singh

Akhilesh Dubey

Ramesh Chand

Sanjay Kumar-I

Smt. Reeta Kaushik

Mohan Lal Vishwakarma

Diwakar Prasad Chaturvedi

Syed Sarwar Husain Rizvi

Paras Nath Rai

Prakash Nath Srivastava

Bhu Deo Gautam

Manoj Kumar Shukla

Ram Nagina Yadav

Atul Srivastava

Sunil Kumar Mishra

Kamlesh Dubey

Ram Kishor Shukla

Anand Prakash-I

Shiva Kumar Singh

Dr. Bal Mukund

Mohd. Ibrahim

Birendra Kumar Singh

Ashok Kumar Singh-V

Smt. Alpana

Mukesh Kumar Singhal

Amar Pal Singh

Shesh Mani

Shamshul Haque

Rajendra Prasad Srivastava-III

Gyanesh Kumar

Smt. Beena Chaudhary

Narendra Singh

Bhagwati Prasad Saxena

Arun Kumar Pathak

Amar Jeet Verma

Shashi Bhushan Pandey

Randheer Singh

Indra Deo Dubey

Sunil Kumar Singh-I

Jamal Masood Abbasi

Kripa Shankar Sharma

Sanjay Kumar-II

Brijendra Kumar Tyagi

Sham Kumar

Shailesh Kumar Tiwari

Surendra Prasad Yadav

Avinash Narayan Pandey

Mohd. Shareef

Himanshu Bhatnagar

Surendra Nath Tripathi

Mittar Pal Singh

Ram Kushal

Ram Pyare

Satya Prakash

Pradeep Singh

Angad Prasad-I

Smt. Kumud Pal

Krishna Kumar Singh

Mahendra Pratap Singh Yadav

Raj Narain Singh

Smt. Anupama Gopal Nigam


Ram Murti Yadav

Satya Vir Singh Yadav

Pramod Kumar-II

Ram Kesh Singh

Shiv Singh Yadav

Dev Raj Prasad Singh

Ashwani Kumar Dubey

Mahendra Pal Singh

Raj Kumar Bansal

Dhruva Kumar Tiwari

Raj Bahadur Singh Maurya

Jagdish Kumar

Babu Prasad

Lal Chandra-III

Virendra Kumar

Smt. Brijesh Singh

Smt. Renu Rao

Ram Suchit

Mahesh Nautiyal

Aniruddha Maurya

Rajesh Kumar-I

Prabhakar `Rao'

Ram Raj Ram

Suresh Chandra Bharti

Suresh Chandra Arya

Bachchu Singh

Anil Kumar

Suresh Chand

Jagdish Prasad-IV

Shambhu Nath

Rahul Kumar Katyan

Anupati Ram Yadav

Tahshildar Singh

The suitability test as per syllabus and modality prescribed in appendix G (1) referred to in Rule 5(a) read with Rule 20 of the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service Rules, 1975, as amended up to date, is scheduled to be held on 10th February 2008. The time and place of the suitability test shall be communicated afterwards.