ADVERTISEMENT NO. 02/2006 LAST DATE: 31.05.2007

Applications are invited for the post of ‘PERSONAL ASSISTANTS’ on the Establishment of High Court, Allahabad, in the pay scale of Rs. 5500-175-9000 plus usual allowances against 35 new vacancies and 13 Backlog vacancies.

Number of Vacancies:

Sl. No.


13 Backlog Posts

35 New Posts

Total 48 Posts






















The reservation for Scheduled Castes of U.P., Scheduled Tribes of U.P. and Other Backward Classes of U.P., Dependants of Freedom Fighters of U.P., Physically Handicapped, Ex-Army Personnel of U.P., Sportsmen of U.P. and Women candidate of U.P., shall be in accordance with the orders issued by the Chief Justice from time to time, having due regard to the order issued by the Governor from time to time on the subject.

Essential Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised University or qualification equivalent thereto.

  2. Good knowledge of English Shorthand with minimum speed of 100 words per minute and 40 words per minute in English Typewriting.

  3. Computer knowledge, i.e., Data Entry, Word Processing and Computer Operation.

Preference shall be given to the candidates possessing good knowledge of Hindi Shorthand with minimum speed of 80 words per minute and 30 words per minute in Hindi Typewriting.


A candidate for direct recruitment of Personal Assistant must have attained the minimum age of 21 years and must not have attained the age of more than 35 years on the 1st day of July of the year in which advertisement is published, i.e. 01.07.2006.

The maximum age limit shall, in the case of candidate of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Dependents of Freedom Fighters and Backward classes, be greater by five years.

The Uttar Pradesh Government Servants shall be eligible for direct recruitment to the post of Personal Assistant up to the age of 45 years.

The relaxation of 3 years for Ex-Servicemen in addition to the extent of their entire period of Military Services.

All Ad hoc Personal Assistants, who are engaged on ad hoc basis in the Establishment of the High Court, may also be entitled to apply against the vacancies advertised subject to their being otherwise qualified and eligible.

Selection Procedure: Written Competitive Examination comprising:

(A) Elementary knowledge of General English,

(B) Elementary knowledge of Computer,

(C) Translation from shorthand passage into English (from Sir Isaac Pitman’s Book) and

(D) General Knowledge/current affairs.

Fees:      Rs. 200/- for General Category and Rs. 100/- for S.C./ S.T./ O.B.C./ Physically                  Handicapped candidates.

How to Apply?

Application on plain and thick foolscap paper duly typed in format given below alongwith attested copy of High School Certificate in support of age and other Certificates and Testimonials in respect of Graduation, Computer Knowledge alongwith a self addressed envelope bearing postage stamps worth Rs. 22/- and Examination Fees in the shape of Bank Draft/Banker’s Cheque issued by Nationalized Bank payable in favour of “Registrar General, High Court, Allahabad”, should be sent to The Registrar General, High Court, Allahabad by Speed Post or Registered post with A.D. only.

The candidates who have already submitted their application form in response to the advertisement no. 02/2006 of which the last date was 15.12.2006, need not apply again.




Adv. No.____________ Name of Post: Personal Assistant


Latest Coloured Passport size Photograph duly self signature and attested by

Gazetted Officer

  1. Name of Applicant ________________________

(In CAPITAL letter)

  1. Date of birth ________________________

(in words and figures) ________________________

  1. Sex Male/ Female _________

  1. Nationality ____________

  1. Name of Father/ Husband ________________________________

  1. Present Postal Address ___________________________________

  1. Permanent Address ___________________________________

  1. Educational Qualifications:

Name of Exam Passed

Name of Board/ University

Name of Institution/ College

Year of Passing

Total Marks

Marks/ Obtained

Percentage of Marks obtained

  1. A. Do you have good knowledge of English Shorthand and Typewriting as required above? If so, attach attested copy of certificate? __________

B. Do you have good knowledge of Hindi Shorthand and Typewriting as required above? If so, attach attested copy of certificate? __________

  1. Do you have knowledge of Data Entry, Word Processing and Computer Operation? _________

  2. Are you married? If so, do you have more than one spouse living or married a person having a spouse living? ____

  3. Number and Date of Bank Draft/ Banker Cheque and Value.

Number: _____________ Amount: Rs. __________ Date: _______ Name of Bank:____________

( To be filled by applicants of reserved category)

  1. (a) Write the category, if you belong to S.C./S.T./O.B.C. of State of U.P.

(b) State of original residence

(c) Write the category, if you belong to

Dependent of Freedom Fighter (D.F.F.) or

Physically Handicapped (P.H.) or women (W)

Ex- Servicemen (E.S.M.) or Sports Person (S.P.)

(Signature of Applicant)


  1. Candidates should affix a latest coloured photograph in passport size with signature thereon duly attested by some Gazetted Officer at the place provided in the application.

  2. Candidates employed in Government Department/ Undertaking should send their applications through proper channel.

  3. The envelope containing application should be marked “APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF PERSONAL ASSISTANTS”.

  4. Only one envelope shall contain only one application form. An envelope containing more than one application form, shall stand rejected.

  5. Application will be rejected if photo is not pasted or Bank Draft/ Banker’s Cheque is not attached or if certified copy of certificates are not attached with it, or if it is not signed by the applicant or if it is not sent through proper channel in case applicant is employed.

  6. Applications received after last date will not be entertained and the Court will not be responsible for any postal delay. The applications, which are not complete in every respect, will be rejected out-right.

  7. Information regarding candidates found eligible for the test shall be made available on the website of the Allahabad High Court at “www.allahabadhighcourt.in”.


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  7. ijh{kk ds fy, vgZ ik, x, vH;fFkZ;ksa ls lacaf/kr lwpuk bykgkckn mPp U;k;ky; dh osc lkbV www.allahabadhighcourt.in ij miyC/k djk;h tk,xh A