भाषा: हिंदी


  1. To provide legal advice and opinion on all Civil, Criminal, Revenue and corporate matters to our beneficiaries and to enable them to obtain legal representation and access.
  2. To provide counseling on legal remedies and avenues available for legal redress.
  3. To file and defend cases before the Allahabad High Court, right from preparing the draft, complying with the procedural regularities and providing representational services before the High Court.
  4. Advise and assist in pursuing arbitration, conciliation and mediation processes before the High Court
  5. To provide Remote Legal Services

The services offered by the Society are comprehensive and include giving advice on proposed or anticipated legal proceedings, drafting and filing of a case as well as representing or defending litigants in proceedings initiated against them at the Allahabad High Court. Individuals of the Middle Income Group seeking to avail the services enumerated above may do so without visiting the Allahabad High Court and by accessing the service via whatsapp, e-mail, group chats and other electronic means. The requirement of travel if at all would principally be for signing of petitions/affidavits.