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List of Recruitments
SL Description Date
1521. ARO-2006: Final Result  ODT PDF DOC HTML 31/05/2008
Last Date:30/06/2008
1522. -  PDF  10/05/2008
Last Date:10/06/2008
1523. Recruitment of Law Clerk (Trainee) Adv.No.1/2008  ODT PDF DOC HTML 08/05/2008
Last Date:31/05/2008
1524. ARO - 2006: Result of Main Examination  ODT PDF DOC HTML 03/05/2008
Last Date:31/05/2008
1525. ARO-2006: Schedule for Computer Knowledge Test and Interview  ODT PDF DOC HTML 03/05/2008
Last Date:31/05/2008
1526. Result of Law Clerk_Trainee-2007  ODT PDF DOC HTML 08/04/2008
Last Date:02/05/2008
1527. Result of DHJS Written Examination  ODT PDF DOC HTML 18/03/2008
Last Date:18/04/2008
1528. Result of Personal Assistant Examination-2006  ODT PDF DOC HTML 28/02/2008
Last Date:31/03/2008
1529. List of Provisionally Allowed Candidates for Law Clerk (Trainee) 2007  HTML 21/02/2008
Last Date:15/03/2008
1530. Promotion of judicial officers in Civil Judge (Junior Division) cadre to Civil Judge (Senior Division) cadre  ODT PDF DOC HTML 21/01/2008
Last Date:21/02/2008
1531. Recruitment by promotion of the judicial officers to the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service  ODT PDF DOC HTML 17/01/2008
Last Date:17/02/2008
1532. PA - 2006: Result of written examination held on 29-07-07  ODT PDF DOC HTML 20/12/2007
Last Date:19/01/2008
1533. ARO - 2006: Result of Objective Preliminary Exam  HTML 05/12/2007
Last Date:31/01/2008
1534. ARO - 2006: Status of Application  HTML 31/10/2007
Last Date:18/11/2007
1535. Notice - Recruitment to the Uttar Pradesh Higher Judicial Service-2007  HTML 23/10/2007
Last Date:26/11/2007
1536. Recruitment of Law Clerk (Trainee) Adv.No.2/2007  ODT PDF DOC HTML 20/09/2007
Last Date:31/10/2007
1537. Recruitment of Telephone Operator and Telephone Mechanic Adv.No.01.2007  ODT PDF DOC HTML 10/09/2007
Last Date:10/10/2007
1538. List of eligible candidates of PA Exam-2006  HTML 23/07/2007
Last Date:23/08/2007
1539. Postponement of written examination for Direct Recruitment/Promotion by Limited Competitive Examination to the U.P.H.J.S.  ODT PDF DOC HTML 04/06/2007
Last Date:24/06/2007
1540. Recruitment of Personal Assistants Adv. No. 02/2006 - Republished. Last date extended  ODT PDF DOC HTML 17/04/2007
Last Date:31/05/2007
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